My learning center, of which I was the Head, opened about 13 years ago.

At first, I was a simple student there.

Through studying hard before finishing my English program, they accepted me as a teacher because I really had a love for teaching and helping people.

Then when I graduated from the English language program, I had many students , both male and female…

About 6 years ago, when the previous Head of the center wanted to leave, everyone voted for me to take over the center and to continue serving people.

I accepted and had many problems to face. But I never gave up!
I worked too hard and no one was helping me.

It was extremely difficult for me to be in charge of more than a thousand students, but I managed it.

We were teaching many subjects, such as : English, math, holy Quran, art, computer, Dari language, Pashto language, social studies…
We were doing great.

Everything was good when the Taliban suddenly came and closed our school. For about three months it was completely shut, but I opened it again because I couldn’t stay at home – it was too hard for me…

Then they arrived again, took me out of my school at gunpoint, and said that girls are forbidden to teach and to learn.
Only boys are allowed.

Now the school is open but there are just some male teachers left who are teaching some male students…

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Krieg, Vertreibung, Angst, Stress, Depression….

„ویبینار „مهاجرت و پيامدهاي روحی و روانی آن
آیا شما از کشورتان مهاجر شده‌اید؟ •
آیا شما از اضطراب، افسردگی، عصبی بودن و خاطرات بد مهاجرت رنج میبرید؟ •
آیا چالش‌ها و شرایط زندگی در کشور جدید شما را تحت فشار روحی و روانی •
قرار داده است؟ •
خانم زهرا رضایی (دکتر روانشناس) در این ویبینار در رابطه به این موضوعات صحبت میکند.


Webinar „Flucht und psychische Folgen“

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  • Die Herausforderungen im neuen Land überfordert Sie?

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