FIVESTONES – Annual Report 2019


A successful year comes to an end … we put our 365 incredibly busy days into a 9 minutes annual report video – have a look!

A heartfelt thank you to all loyal supporters, especially Pfuisi Franz, Masomah Regl, Fereydun Zahedi and our dear partner Tiger Fpf for their endless commitment to the greater good!

Here is to more stories, events, projects and programs that help #feedingthegoodwolf in the year to come!

FIVESTONES: Computer Course Excursion to the company KNAPP AG


Today, the Fivestones Digitization course got an extensive tour through the company KNAPP AG with Wolfgang including interpretation. We were shown the manufacturing, production and also the offices. Computer skills are a must in every field of work – with a lot of effort, self-study and motivation you can achieve everything – that’s what Stefan from account management and Mohsen from software development (he is an Afghan himself) explained very well. We also visited Viola from the interpretation department. Thank you all who made this visit so valueable!

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FIVESTONES – Invitation to the 2 year celebration of the KATIB FARSI library in Graz


The KATIB Farsi Library is celebrating its bicentenary! Here is a look back at the opening ceremony in December 2017.

Invitation to the 2 year celebration

2 Jahre KATIB Farsi Bibliothek

Die KATIB Farsi-Bibliothek feiert ihr zweijähriges Bestehen! Hier ein Rückblick auf die Eröffnungsfeier im Dezember 2017.

Gepostet von Fivestones am Mittwoch, 27. November 2019

Review of the opening of the KATIB Farsi Library in Graz

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