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feeding the good wolf

Legend has it that in every human being there is a lifelong battle for dominance between two wolves.

One is a bad wolf. It is hatred, rage, envy, pain, greed, arrogance, self-pitty.

The other is a good wolf: It is love, joy, peace, kindness, humility, goodwill, empathy.

Which wolf is going to win the battle and control our lives?

The winner will be the one we feed.

We want to feed the good wolf in us human beings, so it grows stronger and comes to light more and more.

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FIVESTONES at the expert forum of the WKO Stmk. in Helmut List Hall Graz

Our Project Manager Masomah spoke at the 1st Expert Forum of the WKO Stmk. about I.D.E.A. and how companies can successfully integrate employees from other cultures.

صحبت خانم معصومه، مدیر پروژه «ایده»؛ هم آمیزی یا ادغام از طریق کار در فُروم نیروی کار متخصص در اتاق تجارت اشتیرمارک در مورد این که چطور شرکت ها همکارانی با فرهنگ های مختلف را در شرکت شان ادغام کرده می توانند.

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FIVESTONES at the Leobner Logistiksommer

Leobener Logistiksommer

Montanuniversität Leoben, 29. September

This year, at the Leoben Logistics Summer, the digital age, in which humanity is directly located, was reflected. One thing became very clear: at the moment, Europe is not even taking a step towards rapid development on a global scale. Austria needs a (business) culture that promotes and allows innovation and diversity more. I paid special attention to the uncomfortable theme of the losers in this development: our environment, certain layers of education and society, entire countries plunging into war and poverty due to resource exploitation and climate change. That’s why we have to invest as resolutely in solution models for global problems as in ideas for IT and business.

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