FIVESTONES Masomah Regl portrayed in journal “WELT DER FRAUEN”


The topic of the current issue of the journal WELT DER FRAUEN, published since 1946, is “Wendezeiten”. It also mentions FIVESTONES founder Masomah Regl, whose life took an incredible turn at an early age and offered her a second chance. For Masomah Regl, change therefore has a decidedly positive connotation and is associated with a new beginning rather than a threat. FIVESTONES also understands turnaround times as an opportunity to pause, reflect, and then break new ground. Whether individually, familially, socially or globally: Changes should be made, because they are only negative, if one encounters them with fear and panic!

FIVESTONES founder Masomah Regl was portrayed by the Kleine Zeitung


Die Kleine Zeitung has portrayed FIVESTONES founder Masomah. Our project I.D.E.A. is a first step – and further steps will be announced soon!

مصاحبه خانم معصومه ریگل رییس انجمن (Five Stones) با روزنامه کلاین زایتونگ. پروژه “ایده” یک قدم اول است و در مورد اقدامات بعدی به زودی از همین دریچه خواهید شنید!

Fereydun Zahedi
Weichenstellwerk Graz)
Pfuisi Franz
Masomah Regl
Sharif Mo
Jawid KJ