FIVESTONES Program I.D.E.A. – Core Team

“I did not want to be a spectator, I wanted to stand there, where the things decide.” – Martin Luther King

Competence, expertise, authenticity, empathy and motivation together make up the core group of the project I.D.E.A. It develops an interface between social work and the economy.

“می خواستم تماشاکننده نباشم، میخواستم آنجا حضور داشته باشم، آنجا سهیم باشم، جای که تصامیم گرفته می شوند.” مارتین لوتر کینگ
شایستگی، تخصص، اعتبار، همدردی و انگیزه، باهم تشکیل دهنده اعضای تیم اصلی پروژه “ایده” هستند. این تیم نقش یک پل ارتباطی میان کارهای اجتماعی و اقتصاد را ایفا می کند.

I.D.E.A. – Integration By Fulfilling Work

The Questions

What social and personal value does work have in Austria? In what cultural or legal ways does it differ from countries like Afghanistan? – Highly educated people from Afghanistan, who have successfully  integrated into the Austrian working environment themselvese, lead workshops for compatriots of all ages and genders. Together they elaborate on a concept for a successful participation in the Austrian way of living and working.

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