Musik gegen Traurigkeit at the FIVESTONES Nowruz Festival 2019

Amir Shah Osmani, Reza Gholami, Hamid Reza and Mohammad Abbasi got to know each other in Austria.In 2017 they formed the group Musik Gegen Traurigkeit (= Music Against Sadness) and have delighted both Afghans and Austrians with their Afghan music. At the Nouruz party especially young Afghan refugees rushed to the dance floor to dance their hearts out to the tune of their lost home. Many thanks, guys, for your valuable contribution to the Nouruz celebrations!

Musik gegen Traurigkeit
Video: Franz Pfuisi



Link: -> Nouruz Fest 2019

Nowruz in Graz 2019

Spring is comming! – the Afghan (and Persian) society celebrates this day (March 21) as the beginning of the year. The Afghan-Austrian Cultural Association Styria and the platform FIVESTONES have created a diverse program and invite the Afghan people of Styria and all interested Austrians to the NOURUZ celebration in the People’s House.

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SA., 23th of march at 15:00
Admission from 14:30, Volkshaus, Lagergasse 98a, 8020 Graz, Austria

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The Nowruz event is supported by Afghanisch-Österreichischer Kulturverein Steiermark, KATIB Farsi Bibliothek, MigrantInnenbeirat Graz und FIVESTONES


Today we were in the cinema. And wept. We have allowed ourselves to feel the pain that after each and every attack is inflicted on all those affected and their families and friends – and that can not be communicated in a sober report. It was a nice meeting also with the German directors as well as an Afghan actor and even those affected. True Warriors is really important.

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The film will still be shown in Austria at the following dates and locations – the directors Niklas Schenck und Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel and actor Ahmad Nasir Formuli will be present at the screening.

17. 11. 2018 Frauenkirchen, Weingut Umathum
18. 11. 2018 Graz // KIZ Royal Kino
19. 11. 2018 Klagenfurt // k. e. Theater
20. 11. 2018 Klosterneuberg // Zentrale Rotes Kreuz
20. 11. 2018 Barcelona / Filmfestival FCDH, Kino Texas
21. 11. 2018 Stockerau // Apollokino
22. 11. 2018 Wien // Filmhaus – Kino am Spittelberg
23. 11. 2018 Wien // Ateliertheater (Burggasse)

Franz Pfuisi, Masomah Regl