FIVESTONES – Seaside Stories Festival in Hanko – Finland

Stories can heal, teach ways of life, bring back dreams and childhood memories … Or make children laugh in war and poverty, as the many anecdotes of the clumsy but wise Mullah Nasrudding can do

At the Seaside Stories Festival in Hanko, Finland, Masomah Regl of Fivestones told the story of the innocent child. Their story shows that all children are innocent – they do not choose the time, place or family to be born into. But at some point in time, every big child can decide whether to suffer under the non-chosen circumstances or to make the situation a strength.

Thanks, María Serrano, Creative Director of the Festival, for bringing together these diverse and lovable storytellers, Poetry Slammer, a raping member of parliament, musicians and dancers!

Photo credits: Franz Pfuisi Film & Photography

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