KATIB Farsi Library


In cooperation with uniT and the Silent University and thanks to the commitment of two students from Afghanistan, the first library in Austria was opened with books in Farsi. The books imported from Iran include volumes of poetry, general history books, children’s books and novels. The library also has some non-fiction books, books on the history of the Hazara tribe, as well as books  in Pashto and books on Afghanistan in German and English.



The education system in Austria

The Austrian educational jungle easily explained – with interpretation into the native language of the participants. Thanks to Baris Koc from the KOSTS-turtemark for this informative evening! Thanks to all interested for coming!


Photography course with Habib T. Nazari

3-day photography course in the Katib Farsi library!
We thank Mr. Habib T. Nazari and all participants for the commitment.
Photographers: Habib T. Nazari, Hossein Mohebi, Sayed Ali Hosseini, Narges Ebrahimi, Mahdi Goudarzi, Jamil Sarwari, Abdulbashir Sarabi.


Visitors groups

Teenagers from the Urania and the Lernkwa: animal (sic.) Were guests to get to know the KATIB Farsi Library. Thank you for your interest, dear students! Nice that you like the books and that some are even willing to collaborate in the library and at future events! Anyone can bring in ideas to make the library a place of cultural exchange.




The opening ceremony of the KATIB Farsi Library

Afghans also have art, culture and literature – they are hidden under the dust of wars and poverty. Yesterday evening, on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the first Persian-language library in Styria – the KATIB Farsi Library – we were able to sweep away some of the dust and wonder what was shining there: wonderful poems, stories and songs! The poetry of Ebrahim Aminis as well as the sounds of the band Music Against Sadness touched the hearts of the numerous visitors. Jak chahon tashakor az Roohullah Borhani, Fatah Farzam, Fereydun Zahedi, Sigrun Karre, Sharif Mo and all the others who have helped to give a stage to the hidden talents and dreams of the Afghans. Thanks to uni-T and Silent University for support – now Persian speakers have access to books in their native language!


Where are we?

Opening hours and contact

Opening hours: Monday and Friday, 16:00 – 19:00

Address: Strauchergasse 12, 8020 Graz

Contact: Roohullah Borhani (+43 68864112420)



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