KABUL EQUAL – youth volunteer representation

Youth Volunteer Representation from different province of Afghanistan.
Any small change is a key to start and think about big change in life


Kabul Equal is a FIVESTONES representative and partner in Afghanistan

We are not the parliamentary.
We are not son or daughter of business man.
We are not Politicians.
We don’t have a gun.
What we have is wish and power as afghan youth to change the country and guide the new generations in to the clean way of life
Our hands are empty but our hearts is full of good power for new changes in our regions

Kabul Equal Childrens day :: FIVESTONES




روز پر از مهر و زیبایی
تیم کابل ایکوال یک بار دیگر خاک از رنگ روشن و پر مهر دیوار های کابل برداشت
این شهر وکلا خانه ما هم است

این توته های کاغذ که دم بر باد روزگار نمیاورد چند روزی اندک کلبه سرد روزگار و ناداری زمان را گرم خواهد نمود

ممنون از بودن تان تیم مهربان


Kabul Equal Team:

We are the Kabul Equal Team Members
Fardeen jan


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