I.D.E.A. – Integration By Fulfilling Work

The Questions

What social and personal value does work have in Austria? In what cultural or legal ways does it differ from countries like Afghanistan? – Highly educated people from Afghanistan, who have successfully  integrated into the Austrian working environment themselvese, lead workshops for compatriots of all ages and genders. Together they elaborate on a concept for a successful participation in the Austrian way of living and working.

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KABUL EQUAL – youth volunteer representation

Youth Volunteer Representation from different province of Afghanistan.
Any small change is a key to start and think about big change in life


Kabul Equal is a FIVESTONES representative and partner in Afghanistan

We are not the parliamentary.
We are not son or daughter of business man.
We are not Politicians.
We don’t have a gun.
What we have is wish and power as afghan youth to change the country and guide the new generations in to the clean way of life
Our hands are empty but our hearts is full of good power for new changes in our regions
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KATIB Farsi Library


In cooperation with uniT and the Silent University and thanks to the commitment of two students from Afghanistan, the first library in Austria was opened with books in Farsi. The books imported from Iran include volumes of poetry, general history books, children’s books and novels. The library also has some non-fiction books, books on the history of the Hazara tribe, as well as books  in Pashto and books on Afghanistan in German and English.

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Afghanistan.anders – A FIVESTONES Film Production


There is “the danger of a single story” about the large, diverse and complicated country Afghanistan and its people. Short video clips give insights into life in Afghanistan, which otherwise receive little attention, but are no less real. War and peace, wealth and poverty, joy and sorrow, hope and despair are not mutually exclusive, but are often interwoven. To understand a country and a culture requires a wealth of information and stories. It takes more than a single story about a country or a person to paint an authentic picture.


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