Afghan Youth Organisations on TV – again!

Four youth organisations in Kabul – Kabul Equal, Afghan Parkour Society APS and Afghan Youth Vision – were on live TV again!  These young people show what true leadership is: They work hard and motivate the youth of Kabul to get involved, become active, be good and do good to others.  Fardeen Barakzai leads the youth organisation Urban Challenge (supported by MMCC) and also  Kabul Equal (FIVESTONES partner), Baran Amiri is a brave young woman who participates in all the activities and shows other girls that it is possible to get rid of the societal and familial chains that holds them back. The versatile acrobat Qudrat Frotan leads Afghan Parkour Society and helps to change society via Sport, and Ahmad Valy Niazi founded the photography club Afghan Youth Vision where he passes on his knowledge to other young people. 

FIVESTONES at the 5th Diversity Day of the Styrian Economy Chamber Organization


This has been one interesting Diversity Day at the Styrian Economy Chamber Organization. We presented FIVESTONES and its project I.D.E.A. – Integration By Fulfilling Work to the audience consisting of representatives of the major companies in the region and other projects and initiatives aiming at the integration into the working world of immigrant youth. FIVESTONES pointed out that for real integration work it is also necessary to improve the representation of Afghanistan and Afghans in the media.  FIVESTONES aims at empowering fellow Afghans, so we can be taken seriously and be seen as fully valuable employees. Immigrants and refugees, especially Afghans in Europe have to work twice  or three times as hard as others in order to get a chance of obtaining a fulfilling job.

I.D.E.A. – Integration By Fulfilling Work

The Questions

What social and personal value does work have in Austria? In what cultural or legal ways does it differ from countries like Afghanistan? – Highly educated people from Afghanistan, who have successfully  integrated into the Austrian working environment themselvese, lead workshops for compatriots of all ages and genders. Together they elaborate on a concept for a successful participation in the Austrian way of living and working.

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KATIB Farsi Library



In cooperation with uniT and the Silent University and thanks to the commitment of two students from Afghanistan, the first library in Austria was opened with books in Farsi. The books imported from Iran include volumes of poetry, general history books, children’s books and novels. The library also has some non-fiction books, books on the history of the Hazara tribe, as well as books  in Pashto and books on Afghanistan in German and English.

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